Lovely piece of visual storytelling from the FT, depicting the electricity network in Europe and the challenges faced heading into the winter against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine:

Aaaaaaand let's make that 4.1.1… the first one was missing a file for Language Server support:

The QA staff regrets the error and has been sacked.

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⚡️ CYB3R M0ND/\Y SP3C1/\L 🤖
Processing 4.1 just released:

🍦 Initial support for Language Server Protocol

🔡 Added Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) and support for extended language tags

📚 Downloadable offline reference now available

🦃 …and all the fixes in 4.0.2 from last Thursday, in case you missed it

Share & enjoy!

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Processing 4.0.2 now posted:

🤼‍♂️ OpenGL working on macOS Ventura
📚 Fixes for installation and update issues with Libraries
🥣 Serial Library working on M1/M2
📇 Fix for various naming issues
🧡 Thanks to folks who also contributed to this one (see the notes)

Available at soon, but in the meantime please share w/ your networks. Avoiding the 🐣 site for now.

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